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Providing comprehensive legal strategies for businesses and creative professionals.

Our firm specializes in all Intellectual Property and Business matters, from the seed of an idea to implementation. Whether you’re a musician, designer, engineer, or small business owner, we will not only protect what you create, but we’ll also help it thrive in the world. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our attorneys have over twenty years of experience, not just as attorneys, but as professionals in the creative arts and engineering as well as being entrepreneurs themselves. We understand business, creativity and design, and innovation; our team approach and dedication to our clients makes us stand out – we build relationships based on trust in order to serve our clients for many years.

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Areas of Practice

Starting and maintaining a business is a daunting, yet thrilling experience. Having the right relationship in the beginning with an experienced business attorney is critical. As business owners ourselves, we understand that having to deal with legal issues is the last thing that you want to do. We offer competitive pricing, flat fees, and packages to lessen the temptation to seek non-legal assistance elsewhere. By demystifying costs, we can hone in on your particular business, and the issues surrounding it. Our holistic approach encompasses the gamut of your needs. We provide legal, financial, operational and business strategies to help your business grow.

Sometimes a business deal or partnership goes awry, or band members can’t agree on joint authorship of a song. We understand it can be frustrating and intimidating to be a party to a court action. Our experience has taught us to look for potential solutions in and out of the courtroom. Whether we’re drafting creative arguments or sitting down with opposing parties, our seasoned litigation team works collaboratively to obtain the best result possible for our clients.

Whether you need to maintain the integrity of your public image, negotiate a performance contract, or obtain a mechanical license or sponsorship, we are here to navigate you through the murky waters of sports and entertainment law. Our firm advises on a variety of entertainment law issues such as advertising contracts, publishing, licensing, entertainment finance, defamation and image rights, development and production agreements, sales and distribution agreements, merchandising agreements, and talent agreements. We represent clients in complex commercial transactions, intellectual property rights, licensing, regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, dispute resolution and litigation.

Unlike corporations, small businesses are susceptible to failure once the owner or senior employee leaves the company. Family businesses are key assets to our economic growth, especially at the local level. They also are more complicated than regular businesses, and need a comprehensive plan to control generational transitions, balancing of financial returns, and interfamily disputes. As more individuals are choosing to start their own home-based business using the Internet to sell and promote products and services, it is imperative that they have a plan in place for their business to continue. Our competent and experienced attorneys help business owners develop strategies for business owners to prepare for a smooth transition that reduces its impacts on employees, business structure, assets and tax obligations.

From the inception of an idea to a masterpiece of creative expression, your creations are extremely valuable, especially in today’s competitive creative market. Your business’s brand identity is invaluable, and we can assist you with developing and protecting your brand. Innovators spend long hours creating useful advancements, requiring proper protection for the fruits of the labor. With ever-evolving creative outlets and possible revenue streams, a trained attorney is essential to help you. We manage the entire process of copyrights, trademarks, and patents, from searching potential matches to filing applications, as well as maintenance. Additionally, we handle licensing, settlements, and assignments as well as litigation matters, should there be infringement.

Technological developments, computer systems, software development and the internet have enhanced our lives like never before. These advancements pervade our daily lives, and are constantly in flux. You need a savvy lawyer who can discern the appropriate strategy necessary to assist with the challenges these advancements bring, from emerging markets, creative outlets, monetization and revenue streams to proper protection. We can assist engineers, inventors, game developers and designers, software engineers and developers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups with tactics for licensing, selling and protecting their creations. We also assist with the negotiation of sale and partnership/licensing agreements for investment companies searching for their ever elusive unicorn.

Many people think that if they tell their loved ones what assets they are giving to them once they die, that’s enough. It’s not. Without a will, state law dictates who gets what. We take into consideration how you can accumulate, manage, and conserve your wealth, with tax advantaged considerations in mind. Along the many avenues of estate planning from trust to probate, powers of attorney to long term care for elders, we tailor plans according to your wishes, so you have peace of mind.

Over the past decade, the music industry has transformed itself, and is constantly changing due to technological developments and revenue streams.   We help our clients understand the myriad of nuances that encompass music law, and as entertainment law relates to industry professionals.  We assist our clients with protecting their musical creations, as well as drafting contracts pertaining to recording, publishing, assignment, band agreements, licensing and distribution.

How people consume entertainment changes as new technology emerges, subsequently transforming laws in new and different ways. Whether you’re shooting a film, creating a YouTube channel, developing videos for your website, or performing a play, we educate you with what you need to know so you can focus on your work without having to worry. Some of the legal issues we handle are the acquisition of rights, establishing a production entity, drafting development, production, and talent contracts, as well as copyright licensing and registration. We counsel actors, models, writers, dancers, producers, directors, and anyone seeking assistance in the performance arts.

Art is deeply personal, and sometimes people do not understand the impact a piece of work has on the artist. Having an attorney who is also an artist is like having the perfect paintbrush; we just enhance your life. As an artist, you want someone who gets you, speaks your language, respects you, and can assist you with understanding the little details that encompass art law. Whether you require assistance with building your business, protecting your work, or need to settle a dispute, we are there for you.

Equine law, the practice of law related to all aspects of horses, horse-related activities and industries, horse businesses, horse organizations, and horse facilities. Horses are unique in the law in that they can, under different circumstances, fill the role of a piece of personal or livestock property, a vehicle, an athlete, and others. Much as with entertainment or homeowners association law, equine law can be described as a general practice with a particular type of client. In this respect, we counsel clients on organizational structure to maximize tax benefits, draft and review equine related contracts, prepare and review sales and transfer agreements; handle disputes related to horse transactions and injuries; and manage tax and immigration issues for horse industry workers.

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